More Entertaining Party – Use a Photo Booth

27Is a party more fun with a photo booth? The answer is a resounding yes!

A party is definitely more fun with photo booth in it. I’ve hosted a lot of parties and I almost always get a photo booth for it. At first I was hesitant to add in a photo booth since we already have handheld cameras, so I thought ‘what’s the use of a photo booth then?’

But there came a time where I had to come up with something unique for a party that I’m hosting and that’s when I …

What happens when you give 100 homeless people disposable cameras? True works of art.



In July 2015, a London art group gave 100 cameras to members of the city’s homeless population.

The organization, called Cafe Art, is dedicated to empowering those affected by homelessness to express themselves through art and photography.

For their latest project, the group distributed 100 disposable cameras to homeless Londoners along with some basic photography training courtesy of the Royal Photographic Society.

Each photographer had 27 shots, and they made them count. Photo from Cafe Art.

Photographers were asked to take photos centered around the theme “My London.”

Of the 100 cameras, …

NASA Releases 3 Million Beautiful Images Of Earth For Public Use – Here Are Our Favorites


One of the numerous incredible features of NASA is the quantity of complimentary and open-access material ituploads for everyone to enjoy. Keeping inthis spirit, NASA and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Market (METI)havepublically released almost 3 million images from theirdatabase of thermal emission images detailing 99 percent of the worlds surface.

NASAs Terra spacecraft has actually been snapping Earth given that 1999 utilizing Japan’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER). With these 16 and a bit years of work, its caught some unbelievable sights, consisting of the consequences of the …

The Surprising Benefits of A Photo Booth in Any Occasion


Ever since the introduction of photography, taking pictures to capture our best moments has been a part of our life. We may take it for granted but photography has helped us remember many of the best moments of our lives. Taking photos as memorabilia is a great habit because it allows you to peak into the moment. Photos carry memories, memories that you would treasure very much. It is one of the best medium to use to remember something by.

If you have any event, it is almost a must to take photos to remember …

7 Things You Need to Know About Working with Wedding Planners


While you are looking for a perfect company for wedding planning, you must look for the quality and prevalence of services which are being provided to you. Not to be confused for an on location facilitator which venues regularly give, an autonomous wedding planner is employed by couples who would like to host an elaborate definite wedding and relying upon the services which have been asked for and who are commonly having an extensive spending plan.

Obligations to be looked for

There are so many obligations of the company who plans for wedding for the …

How To Conduct Your First Wedding Photography


Once you’re confident in your skills as photographer, you may want to take it to the next level and make a living off it. It may be hard at first but with enough practice, you can certainly do it. As long as you are open to improvement and quickly learn on the job, you can quickly enhance your craft and become a master at it. The only thing that will come hard is the starting phase. Most photographer don’t have the determination to make it on their own in the photography industry. While there …

How To Make Your Photos More Interesting

photobooth4When we are looking through photos, we always notice that best photos. These are the picture that jumps right out the page. These pictures are interesting, well-lit, well-framed and so unique that it always gets our attention. A well-shot photo is always very obvious no matter who the observer is. Maybe it is hardwired in our brain to appreciate simple elegance and beauty and maybe that is the reason why we get inspired looking at great photos.

Today, with the availability of cameras through phones, tablets, affordable DSLRs, and other types of cameras, more and …

Unique Ideas For A Party – Photo Booth

Organizing a party can be a hassle because there are a lot of things you need to think about when doing a party. You need to think about the number of guests, how much food you will prepare, what to do when they get there, and a whole lot more. To be honest, many party planners would even want to cancel the party due to the stress it gives them.

If you are in need of some new and exciting activity for your party, look no further than renting a photo booth. It is …

What to look for when hiring a photo booth rental company


A considerable lot of people may be considering leasing a photograph stall for your wedding or another stupendous event. Most importantly, I profoundly prescribe leasing one in light of the fact that these photograph corners are SO MUCH FUN!! Converse with individuals who have leased one and they are certain to rave about what an incredible thought it was and will concur that you MUST get one as well!

Here is a rundown of a couple of critical variables to consider when looking for a photograph corner rental:

Image Size and Crop

When it comes …

Photo Booth- Grasp everything about your favorite photo booth company

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Photo booth rentals offer the best photo booths in North America, of which the demand around then was thought to be calm high. The reason is that the photo booth rental has built up the most reasonable and easy to understand photo booths that are adored and cherished by each and every individual who has got the chance to experience it.

The photo booths assure fun and unrivaled quality that you may not have the capacity to discover with each other photo booth in the market.

Formulation of the ‘Model 12’ photo booth

Taking advantage …